10 Ways To Keep Fitness A Priority While Quarantined

It would be almost too easy to turn into a couch potato right now. COVID-19 has closed almost all gyms across the country, so working out at an actual fitness facility isn’t even an option. If you have a home gym with even a modest setup, then this is probably nothing more than a minor inconvenience for you. However if you don’t have anything resembling a home gym like me, it can feel incredibly daunting to continue your training during this quarantine. Here are some hopefully helpful ways to help you keep fitness a priority without the gym!

  1. Get really good at push-ups (video coming this week)
  2. Find the closest playground to your house and use monkey bars for pull-ups/bodyweight rows (bring Clorox wipes)
  3. Do 10 bodyweight squats every time you stand up from a chair
  4. Make a point to go for a walk every day
  5. Do bodyweight circuits (will be posting a bunch of these)
  6. Track your activity on a calendar to hold yourself consistent
  7. Aim to cook most of your meals yourself
  8. Get a set of resistance bands for endless exercise possibilities
  9. Household items not heavy enough? Run to Home Depot or Lowes and buy a bag or two of sand (only $4-6 each)
  10. Work on your mobility (videos coming soon)

Hopefully this quick list will help you keep fitness at the front of your mind during this lockdown! Keep an eye out for more articles and resources that will be coming soon.

Stay safe and keep moving!

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